Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) and Adult Breastfeeding (ABF)

The terms “Adult Nursing Relationship” (ANR) and “Adult Breastfeeding” (ABF) are often used interchangeably, which can be problematic both in and out of the community–so it may make sense to explore the actual differences between the two. This is sort of difficult, seeing as the actual terms haven’t been around long enough for an official consensus on definitions, although there does seem to be an unofficial understanding of the distinction between ANR and ABF. According to the Internet and my own personal experiences, there is a significant difference between the two.

For an “Adult Nursing Relationship” (ANR) the “relationship” aspect plays a much bigger role–sometimes to such an extent that it is considered a “lifestyle.” One challenge ANR seekers often face is finding someone who understands the level of commitment and emotional investment involved, rather than someone who wants a bit of Adult Breastfeeding (ABF) here and there. Ultimately, an ANR is a committed relationship between partners in which ABF is elevated to a major source of intimacy and bonding. When lactation is involved, partners must have regular nursing sessions (often multiple times a day) in order to maintain a steady flow of milk. Although nursing sessions may be erotic and lead to sex, many ANR participants report intense emotional urges to nurture and be nurtured.

“Adult Breastfeeding” (ABF) simply describes the act of breastfeeding between adults. It may be part of a casual relationship or a long-term relationship. There may be one partner or multiple partners involved. It may be an incidental phase or a long-term goal (re-lactation or induced lactation). It may be sexual, part of fetish play, or not. It may be a significant aspect of a relationship or it may just be an element of foreplay. The term ABF really carries no connotations of a specific type of relationship.

So if the above describes a basic understanding of ANR and ABF, I would like to take this time to discuss what I am looking for. I am seeking a partner or partners who are interested in the occasional, single serving ABF sessions. For more information on my requirements please see the related posts below partners wanted.