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Hello! I created this site for the man searching for a woman willing to provide Adult Breastfeeding straight from the source. Until now many men have gone to the site Only The Breast searching for breast milk. Sadly men are treated pretty poorly there for having such an interest in this fetish. I am a fully lactating female in search of men who enjoy being breastfed, we are a perfect match:)

I am an attractive, single female in my early forties with a longtime fascination with Erotic Lactation and Adult Breastfeeding. I am located in the Hartford, CT area. After years of debating I finally decided to induce lactation about 2 years ago. I am in search of partners who enjoy Adult Breastfeeding as much as I do or the occasional gentlemen who has long fantasized about this experience and until now has not met anyone who is fully lactating and willing to share. I am a very healthy, non smoking vegetarian willing to exchange proof of health at the time of our meeting.

To be a potential partner you need only to be a gentleman and have the desire to be breastfed. I am not concerned about marital status and will not ask.

To get started, the first thing that needs to be said straight away is that I am not lactating as a result of pregnancy or birth of a child; therefore, this process was a choice I made. The process of inducing lactation without pregnancy is costly, time consuming and at times quite painful (just as most hobbies are). I need to make it very clear that there is a huge misconception in the Adult Nursing community as to the meaning of “partnership” and “shared responsibilities”. It is my opinion that MOST men are under the impression they are doing the female a favor by “relieving her of the pressure” and in doing so he has made his male contribution. I will be expressing my feelings on that topic in greater detail a bit later, and perhaps that misconception is another reason why I created my website/ dating profile. At this time, I need to be clear that any partner of mine needs to contribute to the overall costs associated with induced lactation and maintaining a full milk supply.  I am in search of (male or female) partners who enjoy Adult Breastfeeding as a hobby. So if you think the lactating woman should bear all the financial responsibility for an activity that is enjoyed mutually I suggest that you exit this site. If you believe it is reasonable for both nursing partners to contribute to the cause I invite you to stay, have a look around, there’s a lot of fun stuff in here.

All My Love, ωḾω
Private Breast Worship Session:
200 Tribute per Session* (Approx 45 min to 1 Hr)
*50.00 Deposit to Reserve Booking on Session paid by PayPal
300 Tribute per Extended Session* (Approx 90 min)
*75.00 Deposit to Reserve Booking Extended Session paid by PayPal
Video &/or Pics of your session also available, please inquire before start of session

Also Available

Private Foot Worship Sessions:
200 Tribute per Session* (Approx 45 min to 1 Hr)
*50.00 Deposit to Reserve Booking on Session paid by PayPal
Video &/or Pics of your session also available, please inquire before start of session

Panties from our Session:
40 Tribute; let me know in advance your preference

Panties Online:
50 Tribute; let me know in advance your preference

Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) and Adult Breastfeeding (ABF)

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Breast Milk Is Not Free

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Partners Wanted

In this section I would like to discuss what I AM looking for in a partner and what I am NOT looking for in a partner.
Health Benefits of Breast Milk

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Good Hygiene

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No Means No

I have always wondered why “No Thank you” or just “No” isn’t a complete sentence. I don’t feel the need to explain my answer of “NO”.

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